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3.3 Million New Jobs are coming to the Salesforce eco-system between now and 2022. In this free course, you'll learn all about Salesforce, the Salesforce ecosystem and more.

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This course teaches you what Salesforce is, how it is used by small, medium and large businesses worldwide, and more.


Learn what the Salesforce eco-system is. Discover how to land a job with Salesforce, a Salesforce Partner Company, or a Salesforce Customer Company.


Also covered are the myriad of Salesforce Career Paths available to you, such as Salesforce Administrator, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Developer, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Architect and Consultant.


By the end of this course, you'll have a much firmer grasp of not only what Salesforce is and does, but what it can do for your career - as well as how you can get started today on your own journey to a fulfilling and well paying Cloud Career with Salesforce as the vehicle to get you there!